September 4, 2023

Different Ways to Play with the Breasts to Give Her Pleasure

A woman has a lot of pressure points, and discovering them is the ultimate fun. But among all these boobs is the most incredible thing that they have. These are the most sensitive things a woman has; utilizing them properly while having sex or before sex helps to give her ultimate pleasure. Want to experience that? Bangalore Escort can help you to experience that.

Men love boobs, whether it’s of different shapes or sizes. They like to press it hard and suck it. This drives women crazy and makes them want more. If you want to make it more challenging after seeing such a moment, then Bangalore Escort Service can give you such pleasure. If men can suck or play with it properly, it can also give them orgasm. If you want to know more secrets, here are the different ways you can play with her boobs and ultimately please her.

Various Ways to Play with Her Breast

Nipple diversion

Nipples are known for having the most nerve endings, which is why they receive the most attention during sex, but you should aim to direct some of it to the other areas as well. The areas rights above the nipples are the most sensitive parts of the breasts, and stroking these areas stimulates the woman. If you want to see a woman feel the same but don’t want any emotional attachment, then Bangalore Escort Services can help you.

Tease them

Use oil that tastes good as well. Because there is a lot of stress, gently massaging the stomach. Afterward, gradually move on to the breasts. Here, it’s your touch that needs to be modulated. Play with the pressure and use your fingertips to apply a light touch.

Use mouth

Oral stimulation of her breast can also be achieved by licking and nibbling. Try making circles with your tongue around their nipples. Suck and lightly lick the nipple. You can also apply pressure and carefully bite the breast region if she finds this enjoyable. Start by gently biting the breasts’ outer edges. If she enjoys the biting, you might try sliding their nipples between your teeth as you leave. Bangalore Escorts Agency provides you with an escort with whom you can experiment with this sensation.

Use toys

You and the lady can use nipple clamps or suction devices to intensify your breast and nipple play. More strong sensations can be experienced with these toys than with basic hand-caressing or pinching. Consistent nipple stimulation is achieved using nipple clamps. They can be worn the entire time you have sex if she is at ease. This will enable you to touch additional body parts of your companion with your hands.

Seek permission before being rough

Don’t be too aggressive until she approves. Before biting or acting rough, always ask. Try honking, jiggling, or violently biting them if you and she enjoy spanking and rough breast foreplay. But not everybody enjoys rough-breast play. Ask them if you’re unclear about how they feel about breast foreplay during sex. If they seem anxious or scared about something, reassure them with your words and proceed cautiously.

Thus, these are some ways to help you drive your woman like crazy by playing with her boobs.

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