December 14, 2023

Will Designing a Treasure Map on the Body Spice Up the Erotic Session?

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Are you looking forward to spice up your erotic life and have a great deal done with your dream escort girl? Then it is high time to master a few sex games including foreplay to bring back the sizzle.

This time, why set back from designing an exclusive-looking treasure map on the body of your dream girl? Squeezing a delicious sauce on her body and licking can let in enjoying the Bangalore call girls service the most.

This game will also let you explore some spots of your partner that have remained a treasure till now.

What does a Treasure Map Depict?

As clear by the name, a treasure map is referred to mark the location of a hidden treasure. You must have watched detective movies where personnel gather together to find the location through an in-depth study of a map.

Similarly, this map can be utilized to spice up the glory of an erotic session. Instead of drawing the map on a piece of paper, you will utilize the body of your partner. The treasure will be the hot spot on her body.

To add to the joy, you can use any flavor. From chocolate to strawberry, there are lots of choices available. You better start drawing the map from the spot where you prefer licking the body of the call girl.

Is the Use of Sex Toys Permissible?

Yes! Making generous use of the right type of sex toys will let you know about the body part that excites your partner. You can make use of an artificial dildo or a vibrator to pamper her a bit initially.

Touching the erogenous zones with the help of these toys will let you come across the initial point of drawing the map. Once done with the drawing, licking the part followed by some patting will make the Chennai call girls service highly exciting.

For a more spicy moment, better blindfold your partner. The moment you are done with the completion of licking, starting with foreplay will become easy.

Will the Number Jar be Another Romantic Bedroom Game?

One more highly exciting and romantic bedroom game that you can play with your erotic partner is Number Jar. Here, you need two different jars with a few pieces of paper for each. Both the players will be assigning numbers to different body parts.

Afterward, you need to write those numbers on paper followed by folding them and putting the inside the jar. Prepping up the jars will give a start to the naughty couple game.

Once you pick up a paper, it will become easy to fondle the specific body part of your Bangalore escorts based on the number. Until done with all the pieces of paper, the game will continue.

As a Conclusion!

From above it is clear that designing a treasure map and number jar are two vital games to make the most out of Chennai escort service. Applying your erotic skills in the right direction will let in having the greatest enjoyment.

Join hands with a reliable Bangalore escorts agency like Bangalore Call Girls to select a young and sexy escort to spice up the night game.

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